Curran Leeds
UX Designer

Michael Graves Architecture & Design

Editorial + Layout Design


After graduating from the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University in 2014, I applied for a position and was hired at Michael Graves Architecture & Design.

Working in their Graphics department as their Graphic Production Assistant, my day to day included coordinating printed and digital deliverables with architects, industrial designers, interior designers, and marketing/business development teams.

I designed business development packages, printed and bound books in-house, conceptualized and designed presentation posters and PPT decks, along with creating small advertisements for the business.

Creative Brief

During my time at MGA&D, the company went through a rebranding that included their logo, website, and all visual deliverables. I took the lead on the re-designing the pieces for the Marketing and Business Development team, specifically their Qualification Brochure packet used by the firm, along with a new company Resume design.

These packets were created and used by the Marketing and Business Development team when pitching their bid for new work. All relevant prior experience from the firm's history were collected and presented to make their case to win the bid. The resumes of architects and designers while at MGA&D were also included into these packets.

Up until my redesign, the qualification brochure packets did not have a unifying brand look and feel, and were largely put together from old or pre-existing assets. I sought to unify these packets under the companies new brand with a consistent look and feel.

Michael Graves Architecture & Design
Michael Graves Architecture & Design

In the history of the firm, Michael Graves designed and built all over the world. Nearly every continent had a piece of Michael Graves on it.

Michael Graves Architecture & Design

Fun fact: I worked with architectural designers in illustrating and coloring the masterplan drawing in the above spread (left page).

Michael Graves Architecture & Design